Are you in love with designer handbags? So are we. We especially love Guess purses and handbags, along with other fun Guess accessories. However, what we don’t like about these is the high prices!

When you read a good fashion magazine, the articles and photos inside show you how you can accessorize your navy blue outfit with a hot pink designer handbag as a fun accent to your outfit. However, a hot pink handbag isn’t something that generally goes with everything, even if you do have that lovely navy blue outfit.

While accessorizing can be fun accenting, it’s not very cost effective to buy a separate Guess handbag for every outfit hanging in the closet, at least for most of us. So, on a limited budget, how do we find the perfect Guess purse that will go with everything?

Your first step is to go through your closets to see what colors and styles you already have and wear. This is essential in picking the perfect handbag and accessories. You want to find the one bag whose style and color will match most of the clothes you have hanging in your closet.

Generally, the perfect handbag that goes with everything will be either white, black, brown, or other earth tones. However, you can easily accessorize every outfit with an off the wall color, like green or pink.

The slump you don’t want to get into is having your bag appear invisible next to your outfit. For example, if you wear a lot of black, a black Guess handbag will just blend into your outfit. You don’t want this. You want your expensive, designer purse to pop! A white handbag would go well with a predominantly black wardrobe, as would hot pink or gold.

If you like to wear a lot of white, which is something we honestly don’t recommend doing too often, neon colors are a fabulous accent on a handbag or other accessories. Yellow would be too light, and while black might work, it can be seen as a bit monochrome, and therefore, boring.

However, if you’re the type of gal that has a lot of colors in her closet, the best color for a Guess handbag would be black. Black goes with everything…unless you’re the earth tones kind of girl.

If you like the earthy colors, like browns, denims, and greens, a nice tan or green bag is perfect for you. Avoid a handbag with shiny material; shiny handbags don’t mix well with earth tones.

If your wardrobe is a fashion extravaganza with a rainbow of colors, assorted white outfits, black outfits, and a few earthy ensembles you enjoy wearing at the farmers market, then the only solution left for you is to find your Guess purses at a discount retailer. You’ll find assorted sellers all over the Internet – on eBay and other independent web sites. Plus, it’s easy to shop around and find the perfect handbags at the best price.

Whatever your style, we’re sure you can find the right Guess purses and handbags to accessorize and make you stand out on the street.

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